Knitting for Victory: Transatlantic Propaganda in WWI & WWII


This exhibit features a compilation of WWI and WWII era knitting related propaganda posters, pamphlets, and other promotional media designed to encourage women to knit in support of the war effort.


Heather Asbeck



WWI - United States

During World War I, women in the United States were encouraged to knit garments for soldiers.  This was part of their patriotic duty, both to the boys "over there" and also as a show of support to within their communities. 

WWI - Britain

During the Great War, knitting patterns abounded in the UK.  Booklets and patterns circulated among the women and promoted patriotic support for the soldiers.

WWII - United States

During the second world war, in the United States knitting and other thrifty housekeeping endeavors were highlighted in the media.  From magazines to music and posters to pamphlets, women were encouraged to knit for victory.

WWII - Britain

In Britain during WWII, pamphlets and booklets containing knitting patterns were widely circulated.  These items were a bit more inclusive and varied in their appeals, targeting women of all ages, but also addressing older men and school age boys and girls.