Knitting for Victory: Transatlantic Propaganda in WWI & WWII

LIFE: How to Knit

<em>LIFE</em>:  How to Knit, 24 November 1941

Not her grandmother's knitting. . .

The cover of the 24 November 1941 issue of LIFE magazine depicts Peggy Tippett, who learned to knit in college, concentrating on her knitting project.  She is knitting a v-neck sweater for the Citizens Committee for the Army and Navy.  Devised to raise awareness and increase interest in knitting, the magazine contains a basic photographic tutorial on how to knit in the English style.  By picturing a casually attired and college educated young woman, the magazine is pointedly directing its message toward a younger set of knitters, a distinctly separate demographic from their mothers and grandmothers who may have knitted during WWI.